Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sitings of the "Call" in Childhood

I've just completed reading a really good book entitled "You, Inc." by Author Burke Hedges, and in the book, the author mentions the story from the "Lion King" when the young lion king, Simba is living in exile trying to avoid responsibilities when he sees a vision of his late father, King Mufasa. In the vision, King Mufasa challenges his son to take his rightful place as King and become what he was destined to become. He said "Simba, you have forgotten who you are. Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become".

After reading the illustration, I began to question my own life, which many times throughout I have wondered "am I fulfilling what God has called me to", or "am I completely off track?". I've done several things in my life of 55 years now. After graduating from college with an Accounting degree and working in and out of accounting positions all throughout my career, to Pioneering & Pastoring two Churches, as well as working in ministry positions as an Evangelist, Youth Pastor, High School Boys Athletic Director/Coach, I can say I've had questions like many today; "Have I, did I, am I in the will of God?".

Through it all, I have come to realize there is an entrepreneurial spirit within me, and it started when I was a child. I remember days of organizing basketball teams on my driveway. I would gather friends to form track clubs where we would race other teams from another street around the block, using sticks as batons. I would help to assist in getting baseball and football games together with kids from all over the neighborhood. I can't honestly say I was the best student in school, really far from it, but I can say, God began to shape my love for sports, activity, athletics, and coaching from my childhood up. As a Senior, I was voted by my peers "Most Athletic", not best athlete, but "most" Athletic. I wanted to play everything. Up until my junior year in High School, I played basketball, baseball, football, and ran track. I narrowed it down my junior year to Baseball & Football, where I received awards in both. After High School I took a job over the summer with a company called "Nautilus", when it was a gym, not just a brand. I was an Personal Trainer for that summer, then college started, and the rest you've heard about already, which all lead full circle to the development of Serving Fit, an organization promoting becoming FIT in our Faith, Family, Fitness & Finances,while SERVING Jesus.

I say all this to bring up the possibility that God has given you the gifts & talents to do what He has called and equipped you to do, and it was given to you in your childhood. I think of the story of Moses; protected as a baby by his Hebrew mother, raised in an Egyptian home, called of God on the back side of the desert to deliver the very people he ruled. Has God given you tools, education, family ties, relationships that have helped to equip you for the purpose He has called you too? I think so. "Simba, you have forgotten who you are. Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become".

Don't chase another man's purpose. Be a God Chaser, and fulfill the purpose He has destined you for!

David Summerlin
Serving Fit

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting back to Basics

I started a Bible Study recently for the Accounting Firm I work with. The study is based off the idea of  "getting back to basics", we're reading the Bible, not a book written by others, which there is nothing wrong with that...I've read many and enjoyed most everyone. However, it occurred to me the other day while in prayer...praying about what type of study to begin, that many people talk about the Bible, want to believe in the Bible, say they believe in the Bible, have a Bible or Bible's in their possession, but never read the Bible. So, the idea came to me to start a BIBLE study with the BIBLE as our textbook, and we did.

What a joy it was to see and hear people talk about their desire to learn the Bible, and to read for themselves. It's the greatest book ever written. It's a treasure that comes to "New Life" every day to the one who digs into it's pages. So this morning, or today, find a new starting place (if it's been awhile) and begin reading God's love letter to a world that He loves and died for. It will do something in your life that you cannot do for yourself. This is what "getting back to basics" is all about.

David Summerlin

Monday, July 7, 2014

Do you fall off the tracks when you travel?

What do you do when you travel, Nutrition & Fitness wise? Does your eating routine go crazy, or do you find it easy to stay on track with good habits?

I think the question we must ask ourselves is: Are we on a diet when we're at home, or have I really changed my lifestyle in the area of food intake, nutritional habits, and fitness? You see a diet is easy to start and stop, pause and restart, but a lifestyle change goes with you wherever you go, whenever you go, and however you go.

Note for the next travel day: Stay on track, stay inside the lines on portion sizes, types of food you pick at restaurant's, things you drink, and the amount of intake. And for fitness, find a place to workout. Talk to your trainer or someone with some basic fitness knowledge about things you can do to keep active while on your trip. Above all, keep your commitment to yourself, your family, and your future children or grandchildren to live a lifestyle of health & wellness, physically and spiritually.

Serving Fit!
David Summerlin