Monday, July 7, 2014

Do you fall off the tracks when you travel?

What do you do when you travel, Nutrition & Fitness wise? Does your eating routine go crazy, or do you find it easy to stay on track with good habits?

I think the question we must ask ourselves is: Are we on a diet when we're at home, or have I really changed my lifestyle in the area of food intake, nutritional habits, and fitness? You see a diet is easy to start and stop, pause and restart, but a lifestyle change goes with you wherever you go, whenever you go, and however you go.

Note for the next travel day: Stay on track, stay inside the lines on portion sizes, types of food you pick at restaurant's, things you drink, and the amount of intake. And for fitness, find a place to workout. Talk to your trainer or someone with some basic fitness knowledge about things you can do to keep active while on your trip. Above all, keep your commitment to yourself, your family, and your future children or grandchildren to live a lifestyle of health & wellness, physically and spiritually.

Serving Fit!
David Summerlin

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