Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting back to Basics

I started a Bible Study recently for the Accounting Firm I work with. The study is based off the idea of  "getting back to basics", we're reading the Bible, not a book written by others, which there is nothing wrong with that...I've read many and enjoyed most everyone. However, it occurred to me the other day while in prayer...praying about what type of study to begin, that many people talk about the Bible, want to believe in the Bible, say they believe in the Bible, have a Bible or Bible's in their possession, but never read the Bible. So, the idea came to me to start a BIBLE study with the BIBLE as our textbook, and we did.

What a joy it was to see and hear people talk about their desire to learn the Bible, and to read for themselves. It's the greatest book ever written. It's a treasure that comes to "New Life" every day to the one who digs into it's pages. So this morning, or today, find a new starting place (if it's been awhile) and begin reading God's love letter to a world that He loves and died for. It will do something in your life that you cannot do for yourself. This is what "getting back to basics" is all about.

David Summerlin

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